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TU/e usernames/relation numbers

The TU/e uses one central relation number which can be used as a username for most TU/e services. To become a member of GEWIS or to renew your enrollment (when you never supplied your username before), you must provide your TU/e username to GEWIS. It will be compared against the name known to GEWIS and a verification is done with the TU/e systems to check whether you are studying at the department of M&CS.

A TU/e username has the format YYYYxxxx (where YYYY is the year you first started studying at TU/e). If you started before 2016, you will have a sYYxxxx username where YY are the last two digits of the year you started. If you have been studying continuously since 2001, your username can also be a variation of your name.

If you do not want to provide your TU/e username to GEWIS, you can submit other proof of enrollment that specifies that you are studying at M&CS such as a statement of enrollment issued by ESA or CSA.

Please note: GEWIS does not need your TU/e password to verify you are studying. Never send your password to GEWIS (or anyone else).


To lookup your username, use any of the methods below:

How can I find my username (TU/e laptop)?

Are you using a TU/e laptop and are you signed in to your account? Simply hit CTRL+ALT+DEL, click on "Change a password" and you will see your username.

How can I find my username (new student)?

When you enrolled for TU/e, you have received an email from with the subject "Welcome to Eindhoven University of Technology". It contains your student email address, your username and your initial password. Look for the 2022-number in this email. This is your username.

How can I find my username (in Canvas)?

In Canvas, click your profile photo and go to "Settings". There you will find a list called "Ways to log in", usually filled with 3 usernames. You are looking for an 8 digit ID starting with your TU/e generation (when you first started studying at TU/e). This is your TU/e username.